Summertime Sadness

Hello my beautiful readers,

It has been to long since my last post and I sincerely apologize. Sometimes it’s better to get caught up in life and your goals then to always be stuck on social media. I have been selfish and slightly lazy with my blog. Don’t feel like I am abandoning my passion.  I currently have been caught up on my short term goals which have been school, work and committing more of my time at the gym. I am finally in my last semester of college to be receiving my Associate of Arts degree- which is extremely exciting! Hopefully if all goes well, I will be making my way down south and moving to Miami. Of course, to only finish up my last two year’s at Florida International University… currently waiting to get accepted *fingers crossed*


This summer has been pretty chill. I only planned one vacation trip this year, which was 5 days spent down south between the Florida Keys and Miami. Visiting Miami is always like returning back to home, since I get to stay with my dad and spend some serious rest & relaxation. It was me and my boyfriend’s first time in the Florida Keys, and let me just say it breaks my heart to see it get severely damaged by Hurricane Irma.




My dad is a known regular in the Keys, so we were put in the right hands to be shown around. We stayed 2 nights at El Patio Motel. Which was the cutest little hotel I have  stayed at. My favorite thing about this location was the beautiful rooftop scenery.





Location was perfect! The highlight of this mini vacay was the fact that you could just hop on a scooter ride down a few blocks, hit up all the bars, restaurants, shops, sight-see and park them at the beach. Everyone is on scooters, buzzing around and beeping their horns. Just be precautions with making U-turns, right after we took this picture below, my boyfriend crashed us into the curb- luckily we survived!


Sunsets are aesthetic and the vibe is just so positive. Everyone is so chill and welcoming. Anywhere I would go, vacationers would be so inviting to start conversations. The hospitality service was exceptionally five stars! If you ever make your way down, it is a must to try Conch Fitters and drink lot’s of Rum Runners. The seafood is so fresh and tasty.


At this time, sadly Key West is currently not accepting any tourist and only allowing the townees to clean up and rebuild it’s paradise back to life. You can make donations to UNICEF or American Red Cross for Hurricane relief. The more help they receive, the quicker you can book your vacay to The Florida Keys.


Love you all & stay tuned

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