In The City With John Tran

Photography By: Cecilia Medina 
Hello my lovely readers,

I’ve been so excited to share this Men’s shoot I did with my photographer, John Tran. We finally switched up the roles from being in the front of the camera to behind the scenes. Driving 20 minutes south to Downtown Tampa topped the location. I’m always looking to collaborate work with all genres of artist (serious inquiries only).


I love this look. It’s so simple and clean. The pop of red is perfect for a classic Valentines Date to the movies or a romantic picnic in the city park.

Get The Look 

Glasses//Ray Bans

Jacket//Forever 21 Mens

Shirt//Forever 21 Mens




You don’t have to be a young, 20 something brand whore to want to be a fashion blogger. Now in days, men are competing more so now as Youtube bloggers, MUA’s and Fashion Bloggers. There’s plenty of Men bloggers out there if you need more fashion advice. Yet, with this post I wanted to capture my own male readers. Men are just as fun to style as women are and as a writer, I want to broaden my spectrum in fashion journalism.


Winter’s in Florida are nearly not as cold as Winters in New York. Florida has literally been the only state recorded that hasn’t received snow this year. As much as, I love layering up in winter apparel it’s nice to enjoy the Florida sun and walk through a nippy breeze. Bomber jackets and windbreakers are in high demand for this winter. Owning a Pea or Trench Coat is a complete waste of money. You’ll get lucky if you can wear that twice a year.


Suede is making a come back guys! Every where we look from the streets to the runway, I’ve been spotting pieces of suede. From shoes, pants, and jackets, etc. It’s a simple texture that warms you up more so in the fall/winter era. So wear it out now that it’s cooler, since spring/summer is right around the corner.


Don’t forget to check out John Tran’s Instagram with all his newest photo work

& Stay tuned to another #OOTD  with photography by yours truly


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