Feeling 22


Happy New Year Dolls!

It’s finally 2017. New year, new goals, new lessons.

Today marks another year of life for me and another year to make more memories. A year ago from today, I had purple hair, struggling to live on my own and was involved in a toxic relationship. It has only been a year, yet I feel like I have grown so much from an adolescent and into a young woman.



Recapping 2016, it started with a New Years kiss from my baby Shih Tzu, Khloe. A girl’s best friend through thick and thin. One lesson I’ve learned is to NEVER rely on anyone to take care of you. Never expect someone to always be there for you. And at the end of the day, all you have is yourself, your dog and if you’re only lucky… your family.


Never put others before yourself. Sometimes people become baggage in your life and it’s ok to walk away from someone who’s holding you back. It takes a strong person to realize some things aren’t right and some people aren’t fit for each other. And that’s what I did. After settling for almost 2 years, I got out of my comfort zone and left someone who was holding me back from my success and experiences as a 21 year old.

January 11,2016

The best birthday gift of all when I turned 21, was my cousin surprising me with a plane ticket to escape to New York and experience New York Fashion Week. With the help of my family in Tampa and New York, I got to shoot with a famous photographer, Aaron Pegg known on Instagram as @Underground_NYC. Having the pleasure to work with such a professional/talented photographer really boosted my confidence about shooting and blogging.



Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Shortly after returning from New York in February,  I moved out from living on my own and found a new refreshing apartment with one of my best friends, Emma Jean. Going on a three year friendship, she is such a beautiful spirit. When we first met she slightly intimidated me with her vivid hair colors and such edgy style. But little did I know we actually had so much in common. I look up to her at how hard working she is. I admire how successful she is at such a young age being a hair dresser. I continue to learn things from her each and every day. Especially with the three year age gap since she has already experienced things I’m currently going through.  To this day, if I ever need someone to talk, cry with or cuddle with she’s always a room away to  jump into bed with. She will forever be my Emma Jean Coffee Bean!



This year I have accomplished living a healthier and fit lifestyle. I know in the beginning of the year, after the holidays everyone wants to loose the holiday weight and join a gym membership. But I began to really pushing myself and train around April 2016. Shortly after that I began training with a personal trainer. He taught me many workouts and trained me for about 3 months. After loosing 15 pounds and growing confidence in myself, I learned new workouts and began training at my local gym, Anytime Fitness. I’ve excelled and pushed my max in squats to be 140lbs and now regularly go 3-5 days a week.


One of my ultimate favorite parts of this year had to be the summer. When I had the summer off from school the only thing on my mind was making money. The summer of 2016 was filled with so many memories from festivals, parties and mini vacations. Yet, little did I know my summer fling would have turned into the love of my life. I first met my boyfriend, Danilo, when I worked at Forever 21 as an Accessories Merchandiser right after my mom passed away.


We always spoke about similar interest and hobbies but we never gave each other the true time of day and hung out. Being blinded by what I was going through at the time, little did I know two and half years later we would be so in love with each other as we are now. He pushes me, supports me and looks after my well being. He’s everything I’ve looked for in a man with a goal and drive to accomplish what he wants in life. I look up to him so much and learn different things each day by him.Or how he tends to speak of his “teachable moments”.  I absolutely love how I can be my utter and complete self around him without having to mask perfection. I thank God each day for placing him in my life the time he did.

Sunset Music Festival 2016

Going to Sunset Music Festival 2016 with him was the start of it all. From Carnage Rare Orlando, Flume, EDC Orlando and numerous Beach Bar events. This year in March, I’m looking forward to camping four days with all my friends at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. Along with, attending Sunset Music Festival for the third time. The highlight of this summer had to be when my best friend Chris surprised me with Yeezus tickets and took me out to the Saint Pablo Tour. He is literally my Jonathan Cheban to Kim Kardashian.


Spring break of 2016, I got to spend some quality time with my biological father and brother from Pennsylvania. Crazy to think they drove the camper all the way down to Florida and spent a week in the camping grounds. Where we shared many stories around the bonfire as the raccoons stole our food from the cooler. Or the time we went canoeing and my brother almost flipped us over in an alligator infested water. Luckily we survived!


img_2647Every year since 2015, I’ve been apart of a sisterhood called Camp Fire Girls. It’s a camping trip in March where no boys, no cell phones and chill vibes are only allowed. This year I got to initiate my long lost gypsy sister, Reyna. Spending four days in a cabin at Ginnie Springs was definitely memorable to me. I love letting my inner hippie run wild in the woods.


Ending 2016 or any year alone is always hard. From September 5th (my mom’s birthday) to the end of the year is never a good time for me. The last week of October always begins to trigger, haunting memories of my mom in the hospital and of course during the holiday season when you should be the most cheerful. I hate that time of year. But luckily with all the love and support I received from my boyfriend, friends, family and even my readers makes it a little bit easier to get through.


Though this time of year is always the hardest, having my dad plan out and surprise me with a trip to Costa Rica  is something I will never forget of my 2016. From meeting such lovely people and being blessed to experience so many of my bucket list items like: horseback riding, zip lining in the rain forest and staying in such beautiful, tropical resorts. There’s no other way I can think of ending my 2016 than reconnecting with my dad and sharing new memories.


Overall after recapping 2016, it wasn’t too bad. I feel like I have messed up, learned and grown as a women. Yes in 2017, I have new goals and bucket list items I would like to cross off. First things first is finally graduating with my Associate of Arts degree to than transfer to a University. Second is to save money!! Travel of course, within reason. Continue to be a better and true person to myself. Spend more time with my family and dog. Develop in my fitness lifestyle.  Continue to blog consistently and finally begin my YouTube Channel (something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest) . Along with, collaborating with more photographers and stretch out of my comfort zone.  Goodbye 2016, Goodbye 21 year old me.

All I want to do in life is Inspire, Create and Write.


Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes, Love and Support. 

Stay Tuned to a new post, Friday the 13th! 



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