La Playa de Samara


Hotel Villas Playa Samara

Here is where I let all my worries slip away and wash into the Pacific Ocean.

After a three almost four hour trip from Baldi, heading west we reached this beautiful, all inclusive resort. The true feeling of being in vacation mode and living up to Costa Rica’s motto “Pura Vida”meaning simple life or pure life came into effect.

No worries. No Fuss. No Stress. Just family, friends, good vibes, great food and unlimited drinks!


King Size Bed 




untitled-1-of-1-14 untitled-1-of-1-13

Costa Rican Iguanas 

Of course being 21 and on vacation, drinking is a personal hobby. Not only drinking but appreciating the mixologist’s  craft work. After befriending one of the bartenders, he hooked it up with some of my favorite on- vacation go to drinks. The first one being a classical Mojito. Nothing says water front vacation than a refreshing Mojito made with rum, lime juice, sugar cane and fresh mint.


Now for my all time favorite mixed drinks, a classic margarita on the rocks. I absolutely LOVE tequila. It’s a type of liquor that is extremely potent in which you have to be prepared for the good or bad outcomes of the night. However, this margarita is like one I’ve never drank before. The bartender smashed fresh lime juice, poured triple sec, silver AND gold tequila. Finished off with a salted rim and garnished with a limon.

Poolside Margarita 

For all my beer lovers out there. If you enjoy drinking Corona with salt and lime then you can indulge in a Michelada. Simply made by getting a pint class, filling it with salt, pouring the Costa Rica domestic beer  “Imperial” over ice and garnishing it with a lime.




Spending three days at La Playa de Samara, there’s plenty to do. From Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Boat Rides, Fishing, Monkey Tours, ATV/Motorcycle rides, etc. Because the American dollar has more value in Costa Rica, paddle boarding for three people for one hour was only $15. Typically, paddle boarding in Florida is $15 to $20 per person for an hour.


I love doing outdoors activities things. For the most part I would try anything once. Having the opportunity to relax on the board, and let the waves carry me was extremely peaceful. Being use to the Gulf Coast from Florida, the choppiness of the Pacific waves did throw me off my board a few times but I eventually got the hang of it.


Get The Look

Glasses: Aldo

Choker: Anarchy Street 

 Bathing Suit Top: Target

Bathing Suit Bottoms: Pac Sun


After some serious R&R by the pool and an hour of paddle boarding, every evening I would end my day by the beach. Appreciating God’s artwork in the sky, the first sunset we saw was my favorite. Experiencing this trip with my dad was something memorable and close to my heart. Especially, since my Dad and Mom spent their honeymoon time in Costa Rica. Coming up December 16th, will mark three years of my mother’s death. So in memory of her lively spirit my Dad brought Chinese lanterns to let go in the sunset.









Stay Tuned for more Costa Rica ventures coming up!


For booking info to stay at The Hotel Villas Playa Samara click the link below.



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