Baldi Hot Springs and Resort

Hello loves,

Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas is right around the corner! I hope everyone has enjoyed the time with their family and holiday plans. It’s been a week since I came back from my long spent vacation with my Dad, in Costa Rica. These next few post are gonna be dedicated to my lifestyle & travel experience in Central America.

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We started our adventure flying into San Jose, Costa Rica and stayed a night in Guacima. A huge thanks to Maurico and Karol:  family friends who live and own a nursery ranch in Guacima. So we were lucky enough to have them to really show us around and properly plan our stay. Traveling in a foreign country with natives is the best, because you can really experience and personally learn versus being typical American tourist.


From Guacima to Baldi Hot Springs and Resort was a total of a three hour drive, north up Arenal Volcano. Having the drive filled with so much green scenery from the rivers, mountains and volcanoes helped the time go by faster. Yet one thing overall that really annoyed me was the roads. There is only from one to two major highway systems of three lanes. Majority of the roads are one lane, which both cars and trucks have to share. In addition, to the road pavements being extremely bumpy. If you are easily motion sickened, I would not recommend this drive to you.

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Our Hotel Building


As we checked in, the view from our room was impeccable. The customer service staff was very welcoming and helpful. Even though, Spanish is the primary language in Costa Rica, many people are bi-lingual. Being Puerto Rican,  (born in New York) I can understood Spanish but speaking fluently has always been a challenge. But for the most part when I was in Costa Rica for a week, I tried my best to speak primarily Spanish or at least Spanglish.

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We stayed at Baldi for only one night but the experience was unforgettable. All through out the resort there are hot springs with sit down water bars. So you can drink and sit at the bar while being warmed by Arenal Volcano spring water or leave your drink and go for a swim by the water falls. It was complete paradise.







After we spent the whole night swimming and relaxing by the bar, refueling the next day with a hearty breakfast was important. There are several food options in Baldi, like the buffet style or dine in Italian restaurant  “Virgita Ristorante”. Before heading to La Playa de Samara, we enjoyed a Traditional style Costa Rican breakfast. Which consist of a bowl of fruit, Maduros, Queso Fresco, Eggs, Corn Tortillas, Gallo Pinto, Sour Cream and Avocados.




Next stop: La Playa de Samara

Interested in booking information at Baldi Hot Springs & Resort? Click the link below and dive into paradise.



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