All Laced Up

Photography: John Tran 

Hello loves,

I’m back from Orlando and back to reality. I wasn’t able to really vlog the Carnage Rare Experience but if you follow me on snapchat (@ceciliamariaa) I’m sure you saw a ton of snaps.

Here is a sleek yet minimal look that is perfect for a fall, date night.  His eyes should be focusing on the dress that accentuates your lovely curves. Being confident in what your wearing is key. By not over accessorizing keeps the focal point on the details of the dress. Adding high knee socks is always a good idea for a chilly night. But if it’s still to hot for socks (like in Florida) you can alternate with a black or nude heel.


Get the Look

Dress// Forever 21

Shoes// Aldo

Lipstick// Dead of Knight (Kylie Cosmetics)



This whole outfit can be bought at Forever 21, from choker to the dress. So you can look and feel sexy without spending hundreds of dollars. By minimizing the accessories, lures his eyes to a mysterious, laced up cleavage . This lace up trend is something I’m seeing all over shirts and dresses.

Photography: John Tran

Beauty Tips: When going on a date, you obviously know kisses are going to be involved. Number one thing you should always do is wear nude or a lighter color lipstick. But if you wanna be bold and make him yours, own it by wearing black lipstick. I was so excited to break out Dead of Knight this season!


Photography By: John Tran



I’m so excited to announce, today I filmed my first makeup tutorial. After purchasing my Neweer Ring Light, I’m a step closer to starting my Youtube Channel! So stay tuned and keep commenting your thoughts, I love to hear from my readers.

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– xo

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