Zara Trafaluc// Autumn Winter Collection 16-17

Photography By: John Tran

Hello fall lovers,

This post is gonna be strictly contributed to one of my favorite brands…Zara. One of my go to stores always on my list when I head out to the mall. This piece is from the Autumn- Winter 2016/17 Zara Trafaluc collection. 

The Zara Trafaluc collection was made for zara’s younger-skewed line; basically, it doles out trendier, louder pieces for women unafraid to try something a little different and less classic. I love wearing outfits that stand out and represent me as a person vs. conforming to the norm on what everyone is wearing. 

When I first saw this green garment hanging, I  was hesitant whether I’d like it or not. The first question I thought was: Is this a dress or shirt? The way it plainly fell from the hanger, reminded me of a guy’s oversized shirt but what could easily be turned into a t-shirt dress. What I fell in love with the most was the strutuce of the dress. It screamed “Yeezy” to me (only because a few days ago I had gone to the Saint Pablo Tour and was high off of Kanye).  This season I’m adding darker colors into my wardrobe by adding hints of maroon, olive and grey. It’s a transition I do every season from summer to fall.  

                                                                                                   Get The Look

                                                                                                   Dress// Zara

                                                                           Lipstick// Kylie Cosmetics (True Brown K)

                                                                                             Necklace// Shop Dixi

                                                                                   Socks// High- Knee Forever 21

                                                                                                      Boots// Aldo

Beauty Tips: 

99% of the time with all my outfits, I always try and edge it up a bit with either accessories or makeup. Wearing this piece, I felt extremely powerful. I felt like wearing this, I could conquer the world. By recently dabbling more into my creative makeup abilities, I created a brown smokey eye and tousled my curls from the night before with Kenra hairspray. Messy hair is the perfect pairing to any grunge style. The next key to finalizing this look is the color on your lips. Obsessing over the Kylie Cosmetics like any other girl out there. I’m wearing True Brown K, which Kylie did THE best at coming out with the perfect brown shade. No minute I can get a lip kit in my hand, I order it . I do believe her cosmetic line is a little over exaggerated because it’s such a fad and limited stock. However, I have found other lip collections that are just as good, maybe even better and cheaper. Colourpop Cosmetics and NYX Lingerie, have just as similar matte shades.  

Phone case is designed by Valfre. One of my absolute favorite artist from California. I literally can’t ever stop buying from her. 
What are some of your favorite fall looks, I would love to hear some feedback from my readers! This weekend I’ll be going to Orlando for “Carnage Rare Tour”, with DJ Junkiekidd, Marshmello, Slushii & Mac Miller. I’m going to try my best and blog about weekend. 

So stay tuned


Need more fall outfit ideas? Check out three looks I picked this time last year. Fashion is always revolving and styles come and go. These are looks that are still trending this season. 

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