A Walk In The Park


Photography: John Tran
October has finally arrived. My favorite time of the year. Yet here in Florida the leaves never change.  It’s the beginning of fall and here dresses are still acceptable. Jacket weather won’t even start till November (not even).

I love the month of October because it gives us a reason to wear all black and not be questioned. This whismical piece is perfect for outdoor outings like walks in Central Park or adventures in a wild sunflower field. It’s hippie feel excentuates a sexy back line of the one wearing it.

Being 5’6,  I’ve been given the gift to wear longer pieces without heels and dragging the ends on the floor. I’ve worn this dress with flats and still succeed a magical twirl. After watching New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, the number one accessory that everyone still seems to be hooked on is chokers. I hope this fad never ends. I will forever layer my neck with jewelry and always add a choker.

Don’t be afraid to try something different and over accessorize an outfit with  a reveling  neckline. Like this dress , I added two tight chokers and a loose silver necklace (which is actually my mom’s fingerprint who passed away a few years ago).



Get The Look

Hat // Urban Outfitters

Chokers// Forever 21

Purse// Micheal Kors

Dress// Zara

Shoes// Forever 21



Beauty Tips:

As we transcend our color scheme to darker shades our makeup evolves as well. Lately, I’m obsessing over brown lids and a bold liner. Surprisingly enough, I did my own makeup and topped my look off with True Brown K from Kylie Cosmetics. Not every day do I wear false lashes only on occasion; however, just recently I tried the Velour fluff n- thick kit (which I absolutely LOVE). 

Stay tuned for more fall looks coming on the blog! 

Photography: John Tran


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