Thank You Supply




Living in Tampa, ART & Artists are hard to come by.

Dealing with the struggle of living in such a small city, us artist try so hard to get Tampa on the map like New York or LA. Maybe one day… However, when I get the chance to connect to local artists and collaborate a project, I jump to the opportunity.

Last year around this time, I got to shoot with Julio Alfaro and represent Founder, Jose Alfaro “Thank You Supply” collection. Repping the first product of his brand- hats.

The vision came across from a moment walking in the slums of Ybor City. Many homeless people gather along the brick walls, crouched over pleading for money or food. Jose wanted to spread a message of “always being grateful” and give back to his hometown community. He wanted to establish a brand that resembles all good things by staying true to yourself. Whether he becomes rich and successful he still wants to dress like a starving artists.

Thank You Supply is a brand made to help promote artists and the connect back to the community. Based from Tampa, Florida the “token point of view” logo is spreading to Orlando, thanks to his cousin, co- founder, Julio Alfaro. As of right now Thank You Supply is selling hats on Coming soon to there online store they plan on designing stickers, shirts, and more hats.


“I want to make organic, weird sh** that stays true to myself” – Jose Alfaro 


     Outfit Details 

Hat// Thank You Supply

Sunglasses// Forever 21

Jacket// Zara

Shirt// Forever 21

Denim// Brandy Melville

Underwear// Calvin Klein

Shoes// Aldo



You can follow Thank You Supply on Instagram (@thankyousupply)


A huge thanks to Jose & Julio Alfaro for making this collaboration happen. Don’t forget to show them love and give back to the community on there online store!



“Be grateful for ART and feel confident in what your wearing”- Julio Alfaro


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