Denim on Demin



Goodbye school, hello summer.

Now welcoming that summer kiss glow and poolside chills. Even though almost everyday is summer time in Florida, now there’s  no excuse not to be tan. This summer I’m off from school and trying to enjoy every minute of it. From going to music & art events to traveling around Florida and taking in the cold natural silver springs- I’m trying to do it all .

This summer,  what I’m excited for the most is letting out those natural beach curls or sporting out the classic black on the go hat. Even though shorts are a must to survive the heat, I’m really into distressed, boyfriend denim. Just by buying oversized fitted jeans and cutting them up yourself is a quick DIY. Adding an acid wash (bleach dye) to your clothes is also another way to liven up your boring, old pair of jeans or shorts.


The “Denim on Denim” look is bringing it back to the 90’s. This season I’m stepping away from my classic chic & edgy style and showing off my adventurous side through my tomboy edge. 5


Hat: Kendall & Kylie // Pac Sun

Choker: Dollskill

Denim Jacket: Brandy Melville

Bralette: Pac Sun

Halter Top: LA Hearts

Denim: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo




Photographer: Jonathon Tran

Instagram: @exjohntran

Makeup: Hollywood Glam

Instagram: @babypitt


“SHELLULAR”? – Valfre Phone Case  

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