Food. Who doesn’t enjoy it? Especially when you travel. This post is gonna be a little different then from what I  usually write about. I’m not gonna write about my #OOTD or details where you can find my look. Instead I’m gonna share my two food hot spots I visited while in  NYC.  The first hot spot on the list is TAO in Uptown New York.


I’ve always seen this restaurant make it’s TV appearances and movie cameos but never thought I’d have the chance of going until my family made reservations. It was a Friday night and Valentines Weekend during New York Fashion Week and the wait time was only 15- 20 minutes after we made reservations. We waited in the bar area which also has a cozy seating area, where you could dine and drink instead of a table. The restaurant was packed but everyone still was still drinking, and enjoying the club dance music ambiance. On the ceiling there was huge tapestry’s of Japanese kanji.


 Once we were called by the host, we headed upstairs to our table where you can overlook the restaurant and see the 16 foot Buddhas stands over everyone in the restaurant. Tao is suppose

IMG_1458 to reflect as a majestic Asian Temple. The service was always on time and for as busy as it was we were always being attended to.

For starters, I ordered the Rock Shrimp Lettuce Cups which was absolutely delicious.  For a party of four, it was to small so we ordered two rounds of those. As you see in the picture below, I was drinking A Tao- Tini. Which is Belvedere Mango Passion Vodka, Malibu Rum, Cranberry and fresh lime.


lettuce cups
Rock Shrimp Lettuce Cups

As an entree, sushi is my ultimate fav. Who goes to New York and doesn’t eat Sushi? I just feel like it’s the right thing to order in the city. So i ordered two rolls and as my aunt ordered two different rolls. For a taste variety we shared the four rolls.


IMG_1463I’m one who never really eats a full four course meal. Drinks, Appetizer, entree and desert is just so much. But when trying a new restaurant you just have to try everything. So for desert, we had the chocolate spring rolls, which were absolute heaven.Crunch and sweet, just melts in your mouth.  My aunt and uncle had the Crispy Fuji Apple Blossoms and the Lemongrass Creme Brulee.

Times Square



On our way to the next restaurant, we went from The Uptown to Little Brazil. Only a few blocks away from Times Square, is a little Italian restaurant and Bar called Ceci. The neat thing abocongrats-ceci-your-newut this style restaurant was the location. When you first walk in, the space is so small. It’s not until the hostess walks you to the back of the restaurant where stairs lead you down to the wine cellar.  This space is transformed for more tables. So of course sitting down in the wine cellar we had to order wine. The wine menu has a large selection of different wines from all  over western Europe. Starting out with wine we didn’t order an appetizer.  Going straight to the entrees,  I ordered the Risotto Di Gamberi, which is also Gluten Free.


I would recommend this family-friendly restaurant to anyone looking to enjoy a night in Italy.

 My next post will be covering art murals from the uprising city of Willamsburgh, New York. The new trendy – spot to be straight from Brooklyn.


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