Hey  Dolls,

I’m back at home in Tampa  from visiting my hometown: New York for NY 2016 Fashion Week . As apart of my 21st Birthday present, my cousin surprised me with a plane ticket to New York during Fashion Week. Pushing me to network myself for my blog during one of the most busiest times in the fashion industry. Feeling bold and determined, I ventured out of my surroundings and flew back to the city. Last time I was in New York was for New Years of 2015 when I watched the ball drop from my window at the Westin Times Square .  Something special I got to scratch off from my bucket list.

What some of you don’t know about me is that I was born in the Bronx, New York and moved away when I was a baby. As much as I would of loved to live there now, moving around several times gave me a sense of travel and change of scenery. Moving next to Pennsylvania, Texas, Miami, and lastly to Tampa where I finished up my high school years and now attend college.

Where ever I move to next: Miami, California or New York, to pursue my career I know as of time being my home base is Tampa. But every time I go back to New York it’s always a return to my childhood memories and family in Brooklyn.

This trip to New York though was different, I wasn’t there just to see family and tourist around. My main reason was for business. During New York Fashion Week would be a perfect opportunity to network with artist in the industry, attend shows, see art and of course explore more of my beloved city. As I continue to post more from my trip you guys will get a few restaurant reviews, #OOTD, photo shoots and some snow (;

Day one in New York started with a project_DSC6590[1] I’m so excited to reveal to all my readers.
Collaborating with Aaron Pegg known as Underground_NYC on Instagram was such an honor. The vibe was a whole lot different than any other shoot I’ve ever done. This really helped me get out of my comfort zone with who I’ve worked with. I thank him for working with me and had such a fun time capturing my two looks while wandering the streets and underground subway tunnels.

After working with, Aaron Pegg I’m so inspired to go out and contact other photographers to work with. In this type of industry I’ve learned you have to take chances and put yourself out there in order to stand out and connect with others.

LOOK ONE // “The Arrival”

Scarf/Gloves: Forever 21

Vest: Armani Exchange

Knitted Batwing Sweater: Zara

Denim: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Aldo

Handbag: Micheal Kors



” I can’t explain how good it felt to shoot in Soho, at that moment I truly realized that this is exactly what I loved to do”

 Detail is everything. The essence of capturing how cold it really was during this shoot is an understatement. Being bundled up in layers is how I love to dress (except when I’m walking everywhere). I forgot how hard it is to “look fashionable” and be warm at the same time. During my visit the temperature started at 20 degrees and slowly declined day by day. Almost at the lowest to 5 degrees but felt in the negatives.


“While shooting out of nowhere snow flurries began to fall from the sky, a great way for New York to welcome me home”


If you plan on visiting the city anytime soon and it’s cold again here’s some word of fashion advice: 1) wear tights or leggings under your pants, 2) wear two pair of socks or high knee socks, Bring long sleeve shirts to wear under your top & bundle the hell up! Trust me I made the mistake this time around by not being fully prepared and I froze my ass off. Surprisingly I got use to the cold weather but some days it’s literally so cold you don’t even want to go out.


“The Arrival”, is a perfect look to go out and about in the city. Used to wear for either day or night and of course fur is a must have key item for my outfit. I used my Micheal Kors savannah large saffiano leather satchel, to pack my Kate Spade wallet, MAC Makeup Bag, Instax Mini FujiFilm, and an extra pair of shoes.

 LOOK TWO // “Underground Glam”


Necklace: H&M

Dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA “Delphina Jacket Dress”

Shoes: Aldo

“I’d love to do something on Broadway, I’d love to spend some time in New York” – Richard Madden


Wearing this BCBGMAXAZARIA  dress made me feel so empowered and beautiful. I went out looking for a dress to wear to the Couture Fashion Week NY . I was also trying to attend the BCBG show on Thursday; However it was the same time as my shoot. It was quite ironic though wearing a new arrival dress from the designer, at the same time while his show was only minutes away from walking down the runway._DSC6790[1]

I had such a Carrie Bradshaw moment, walking down the city with a long tulle dress as bystanders stare blankly at me wondering why I’m freezing my ass off. Beauty is pain. One of the reasons why I fell in love with this dress is that it’s not the type of dress you buy and wear only one time. The tulle can detach from the blazer and you can use the blazer separately. Wearing it over another dress or if your dressing down you can wear it over as a jacket with jeans and a top. Maz Azria once said ” Fashion is about comfort and feeling good”, and that’s exactly how this dress made me feel.



_DSC7024[1]One of my favorite things I loved about this shoot is mixing such a high glamorous dress and wearing it in an underground grungy subway. The screeching of dirty wet tracks, the smell of moldy ceilings and cameos of New York City’s most common graffiti street art all resembles my style. I’m the kind of girl who can wear an elegant dress and mix it with boots and a choker to edge it up. Most of the pieces in my closet and suitcase are black. It’s just the right color for almost any occasion. It’s dark and mysterious yet so simple and clean.



If anyone is looking for a bomb makeup artist in New York, I recommend and booked a MAC appointment with Jelisa at the location off of Union Square & 14th. With her heartwarming personality and Jamaican accent we talked and bonded over the love of all things beauty, fashion and makeup. I learned she’s a newly business women who just launched her own eye lash collection “ilashflare” to make women SLAY! So go check her out and support this empowered lady.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this trip and shoot happen._DSC7078[1] I feel like everyday I get closer to my dreams. My family, friends, readers, and supporters all make this happen. I am looking for new artist to work with so for any business inquires contact me at ceciliamariamed@gmail.com .





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