Miami Art Basel 2015

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Happy Holidays my readers,

Five more days till Christmas and my life is crazy busy right now. Sorry for leaving you guys hanging on my last Art Basel post.

On my last day in Miami, we attended the Main Art Basel Event at the Miami Convention Center. I was expecting to see live art and moving figures as I saw on Instagram from last year’s Art Basel. However, when I asked the art representatives they said it was only statues, paintings, and photographs that were being displayed this year. IMG_0151

So the first statue shown as you walk in is this giant penis on a stand made from automobile parts. Women were standing around taking pictures with it, opening their mouth.


Aside from statues and handmade sculptures there was hidden message paintings, lots of hidden penis’ , naked bodies of different races and many large electric signs. Many of the paintings conveyed hidden messages about race, sexuality, politics and main stream media.



The naked body was admired many times- men and females. DSCN2030

As you walk around in the convention center, there’s numerous of rooms filled with all different pieces of artwork and paintings. In this room specifically, there was fighting fish sharing oxygen through two flask. All of these pieces of of artwork share some kind of symbolic meaning.



I loved all the light quotes. I would love to have one hung in my apartment.  What was shocking to me is that while walking around I overheard so many people claiming art pieces and offering moneys to buy the paintings. Billions to even millions of dollars.




One of the funniest pieces I saw at Art Basel was a jar collection of marijuana steams. The art representative said it was made out of paper . As he laughed about it being “fake” he mentioned the detail crystal in the green.


Both of these gold pieces are made from real gold.

I’m totally obsessed with sequins and black, If I could I would of bought this piece.




Overall, traveling with my boyfriend down to Miami for Art Basel was worth all the challenges. From driving four hours south through a flooded rainstorm, staying at a crappy South Beach Motel, and being 45 minutes from a crazy stabbing lady at the Art Basel Convention it was worth the experience. After all that, I got to meet the Denim Guess Designer, Jeff Hamilton and Artist, Skott Marsi. I got to see my family and best friend who all live in Miami and covered great footage for this event.  The experience of attending such a worldwide, high media art show was a great moment to step out in the art world and represent myself as a blogger and photographer.


45  minutes before entering the Convention Center to go to Art Basel a lady stabbed another women after being accusing of following her around. People mistakened the attack as an art performance but police were quick to jump to the rescue. To read more about this incident read the CNN article.

All photographs of the artwork was taken by yours truly. I’m excited shoot my own upcoming projects featuring other models.

Thank you for your patience on my last Art Basel post, if I don’t get to post before Christmas, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas xo


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