Welcome to The Wynwood Walls: Art Basel Weekend


Hey guys, finally I’m on time for posting and just liked I promised here’s  all my ArtVentures at the Wynwood Walls. Waking up this morning in our booshie motel it was a gloomy, wet day. The roads the night before were flooded and when we attempted to go to Wynwood Thursday Night after the Dash Event (Previous Post) the rain killed our plans.

Friday morning we woke up determined to see the famous Wynwood Walls. Out of all the times I’ve been to Miami, plus the years I’ve lived there I’ve never touch foot in Wynwood.  I was so excited to finally see the live art murals, hippie/street inspired restaurants and art galas everyone had been talking about. Not only is Wynwood an Artfest, it was 10x an artistic strip since it was the Art Basel 2015 weekend. So even more art shows, galas, and people were there. Every corner you turn you see artist filling up the streets with paint, spray cans, stencils and the eye inspired artist deep into there work. Photographers capturing the moment, the passion of the artwork and it filled a corny joy inside of me. I love being surrounded by talent and artist. That moment is so thrilling.

IMG_0090 IMG_0068

Not only are the buildings covered in paint or patterns from head to toe everywhere you look is a dream world. You look down and there’s words of motivation and creation when you look down.

Every light pole in Wynwood is sticker bombed. Graffiti isn’t treated as an act of crime nor gang related. It’s a place for artist to come and express there views on life, dreams, politics and sexuality.



If you know me you know I’m obsessed with Chanel. So I fell in love with this piece by UNCUTTART 

Here are some shots from the Wynwood Walls and streets


I love capturing bystanders 


While walking around Wynwood we ran into this little gallery with crazy pop up and kawaii art. The picture on the left I’m like amazed at the sushi stickers.Everything in the gallery was red: the couches, the lighting, and the color of the room.


Not only was I excited to see the art but of course do a shoot in front of the murals. All photos again we’re taken by my lovely boyfriend, Angel Ortiz  who stuck it out and worked on his photography skills with me.

“Your the only magic in the city”- The Hoy Polly 


In the Wynwood Doors, there’s another gallery room that was filled with Andy Warhol inspired collages and pictures twisted with the Marbol cigarettes. The cool thing about this exhibit was the smell. As you entered it smelled like cigarettes.

I don’t know how they did it but not only were you seeing art, you were smelling it. 




“Open your heart or it will be will  be MIA” – The Hoy Polly” 



Stay tuned for my next and final post covering my Art Basel Weekend. Featuring photos from the Miami Convention Center for the Final Event.


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