Miami Art Basel: Day One


Hey guys,

I’m back from my Miami Art Basel weekend and have so much to share! First off, the drive and hotel sucked. Never stay at the Hotel Clinton in South Beach…It’s all around false advertisement. On a better note though, I started day one by attending the Dash Miami Art Event with Artist Skott Marsi and surprise guest, Jeff Hamilton.

After checking into our hotel, my boyfriend and I met up with my best friend, Reyna in South Beach . We began our journey with a stop at a Colombian restaurant (Los Verdes) so good! If you ever go down there you HAVE to order one of their quesadillas.

My best friend & I taking selfies in ZARA


After shopping off of Collins Ave. and taking a mini #Outfit Of The Day shoot on site in the cities alleyways we headed to Dash. Art Basel wasn’t even open yet to the public and what I loved was the art that re decorated the city. Walking past hotels and inside clubs were all renovated to huge paintings and photographs.


On the streets you could find free lance artist painting on canvas boards & handing out their card to the public; like Robin Hood for example. He was standing outside of the Steve Madden store off of Collins and while walking to the Dash Store we ran into his beautiful painting.


Once at Dash Complimentary drinks and light appetizers we’re served by Sugar Factory- which is pretty cool after Kylie Jenner just hosted a store opening for Sugar Factory in NYC.  After purchasing a pair of Arthur George “Dash Doll’ Socks, I met Skott Marsi. Very friendly and welcoming,  Skott personally explained to me about his art work which was hung up all around the store. He then introduced me to Jeff Hamilton, who was a former GUESS? Denim for Men designer. After leaving Guess? he began designing leather jackets that were much more than articles of clothing. Simply stated: “they were pieces of art”. Now he has celebrities, artist, athletes and many more wearing leather jackets that have a customized design of art on them . While he was attending the DASH event not only was he there mingling with other’s he presented Skott with one of his paintings but imprinted on his famous leather jackets.

The event in all was a success, we exchanged business cards and I got double complimented from both artist. One from Skott about the my birds on my arms and the other from Jeff about my vivid “Matte Royal” MAC lipstick.



Now to my #Outfit of the Night, you can get the whole look at Forever 21. Before I left to Miami, I didn’t have much time since this whole trip was last minute, so I ended up buying a few items briefly on Black Friday. My look was  simple yet still “fancy” for South Beach attire and of course since bought at Forever 21 in budget.


Fashion Tip: “By adding tights to short dresses or skirts always looks better”


Even by the simplest touch as in adding a popping lip color always grabs someone’s attention and completes a simple look.


Another thing I’m trying to do is relate to my readers and give fashion advice & tips on more affordable findings vs. high end designer clothing which I’ve posted about before and no one really buys it or reads about it because they can not relate. But don’t worry to all my high end shoppers more brands will be coming shortly.

Even though my eyes are closed, I love this picture & the way it shows off my makeup from a distance.

All  photographs taken of myself was by my lovely boyfriend Angel Ortiz who accompanied me at Art Basel.

Stay tuned for more upcoming post from my Miami Art Basel Weekend. Next one will be about my ArtVentures in Wynwood! 


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      1. Unlike a lot of blogs, yours is pretty interesting. And you share your experiences. I like learning new things even in fields that I have limited knowledge. Write On !!

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