#OOTD & Updates 

Hey loves,

Back again on Cyber Monday. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate alots of turkey. This time of year is of course one of my busiest and favorites. I’m so excited to announce some of my upcoming projects that will be posted up on the blog before this year ends. This  Wednesday to Sunday I will be driving down to Miami to cover Art Basel 2015. The perks of living in Tampa is being driving distance to local cities. Orlando is only an hour away & Miami is only 4 hours away. So this mini vacation/road trip is gonna be lit in South Beach!!

In case many of you didn’t know I currently work at Forever 21 as a Visual Assistant. Retail this time of year is booming and for all you Black Friday/Thursday shoppers I had my hands full- thank you. Luckily I got a chance to go Black Friday shopping and caught some really good deals.  But aside from Art Basel, coming up soon I will be releasing my first video on my new Youtube Channel. It’s gonna take some time to put videos together and figure it out but definitely a project COMING SOON.

Aside from all my news updates, I’ve been asked recently about my #OOTD from Orlando International Fashion Week. Honestly, it was a last minute outfit I put together. I literally shopped the day before and took about 2 hours in one store. If you know me I NEVER do that. But that day I was extremely indecisive and pressed for time.  Now to answer your question, you can get this whole look at Express. After the fashion show Jonathon Tran and I went Downtown with some friends and ventured around. I’ve mentioned him before and worked together previously on a recent post for Fall Looks. After seeing the nightlife scenery we were inspired. Now key thing to attending a Fashion Show, you can never wear enough black!

I’m obsessed with leather, sequins and black. I wanted something stylish and of course professional. My style fluctuates on the season but especially in the fall I drive for darker colors and bolder looks. Something that is grungy yet still resembles a feminine, classy  woman. Another style obsession I have is FUR. On colder days I pull out my Armani Fur Vest and layer with more royal pieces. I love wearing soft items and not only is it comfortable I feel like such a Queen. On this look I’m not wearing fur but I have a fur coated Handbag, that is also from Express.

When picking out pieces you have to pay attention to detail. This season I’ve noticed the zippers are accenting clothing differently. They’re appearing on sides of sweaters, the bottoms of skinny jeans and even diagonally on skirts- as on mine. It’s stylish and adds a punk rocker design.

 This look is the perfect “Night Out On The Town”

Remember to stay tuned to new posts & to subscribe to my upcoming YouTube Channel.

All photos we’re taken by John Tran from Gold Mined Productions


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