Orlando International Fashion Week 2015


Hello readers,

I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been so busy with events and planning new projects coming. I can’t wait to show you all the exciting things to come out before the new year.

    shayne machova  Though I’ve neglect my blog long enough, I was lucky enough to attend Day One of Orlando International Fashion Week (November 1st). Thanks to Fierce Entertainment Management, we had catering services, press waiting at the red carpet, and many local designers who showed off all different designs and styles.  Before the models walked the runway, we had Actress/Singer “Shayne Leighton” perform her rock-n-roll EP and a dance performance by the Russian Ballet Orlando/Knights and Damsels Dance Company.

Sitting in as press, I got to be front and center of the runway.The variety of local designers came from all over central Florida. Some of these designers have their own pop- up shop, some collections have been displayed in Bloomingdale’s, other’s make professional ball gown dresses for competitions or like designer Elizabeth Novais,  just came back from New York Fashion Week and will be attending Paris Fashion Week in 2016.

This black, Victorian style dress was one of my favorite pieces from Novais’ line. It’s extremely European which I could tell she wanted to incorporate in this sample line. Most of these designs were my kind of style. Dark colors, lots of lace, collar necklines yet chic and elegant with the dresses. All the men had bow ties and suited vest.

Designer: Elizabeth Novais who will attending Paris Fashion Week in 2016

Designer Judith Barnes( JB Couture) is known for designing Ballroom Gowns with extravagant flares and mermaid tails. With almost every piece she designs a head accessory to match along. Her playful, tutu inspired gowns creates a mythical ambiance of beauty and elegance.       11012056_513392192156348_4126214150980339491_nshalbar








One of my favorite pieces were designed by Shabar Cromer. Based from  Brooklyn, New York, he wanted to include “the city style but ease of southern comfort”.  He’s a designer of  pure edge and style. And as said on his  Twitter “You can call my design aesthetic whatever you want… Just don’t call it pretty”!


After meeting with Shabar backstage I got to ask him what inspired him with this collection. He said he wanted to portray an edgy woman with a strong exterior yet feminine. 


Not only did Shabar Comer design women pieces, he also came out with a funky bathing suit collection for Men and Women.



Puerto Rican Designer,  Gordy Jimenez first started when she began making pageant dresses for daughter. After mixing fabrics and colors she began making dresses for “Queens”, as she likes to call her clients and models. Gordy has studied at the infamous Fashion Institute of Technology and now is the owner of Gordy’s Atelier. 

“My daughter is my inspiration”- Gordy Jimenez










One of my favorite looks on the runway

A special thanks to Jonathon Tran from Gold Mined Productions & Nikki Namdar for capturing all the photography for this special post.

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