Hello Fall- Part 2


Hello readers, it’s officially Fall and along with your Pumpkin Spice lattes, here is a new edition on this seasons fall fashion and trends- Part 2.

Continuing from my previous post here are two more fall looks. I’m not much of a jean girl, usually I like to stick to leggings, dresses or skirts. However, on occasion I’ll wear either high- waisted skinnies or my new favorite… over-sized boyfriend jeans. The ripped denim adds a grungy look that doesn’t always have to look perfected. If their not always hugging your hips its okay, that’s the point. This is a perfect look to wear during the day or causally on the weekends.

“The Boyfriend Jeans”


“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

Yves Saint Laurent



The berry purple goes along perfectly with my fall color scheme. A way to girly up a casual denim look is to add a little heel or wedge. These black strap on heels remind me from the 90’s, with the thick black heel. Chunky shoes are my favorite as I talked about in Part 1. I wanted my readers to think of this outfit as a fun, casual, day or weekend look to go out to lunch or shopping in.


I always say accessories are key of an outfit. It’s the final touch that completes a look. Piecing a gaudy necklace like this really makes it stand out, especially since this shirt doesn’t have a neckline, it’s better to place a bigger necklace outside the top to dress it up a bit.


Now for the polar opposite.

“After- Hours”


This night time look is for whatever happens after midnight. Grabbing drinks with your girls or meeting a one night lover. This outfit adds a sexy, mysterious vibe to whatever crazy things your up to around that time.


“Being sexy, young and playful is what being in your twenties is all about”  – Cecilia Medina 


I used about the same shoes and accessories purposely to show how many ways you can mix and match different looks. For the fall, everything is about sweaters and cardigans. This skirt is designed with sweater-like fabric but really is a pencil skirt. I love form-fitting skirts, especially to embrace and show off your curves. IMG_1809

90’s chokers are back and adding another accessory to the neck adds a playful versus Gothic look . Not only does your outfit represent you and your look, but the hair and makeup accentuate the little detail. Whenever your edging towards a certain look you wanna stick with the “theme”. So since this is an erotic-edgy look the messy hair and gray lipstick only complete the detail.

L4.12 (1)

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas … but what makes it new is the way YOU put it together” – Unknown


Photographer: John Tran from Gold Mined Productions

Makeup By: Crystal Marie 

You can get all of these collections at Forever 21

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