Hello Fall – Part 1

Finally my favorite season has come upon us. Time to start layering up by adding cardigans and jackets to outfits. Depending on where you live, you might have to do that sooner or later. I know here in Florida it’s still bright and sunny but now a little breeze is coming our way during the evening. I hate humidity and during the summer that’s all we have. So goodbye summer and hello fall.L1.2

Just recently I got to team up with a local professional photographer by the name Johnathon Tran from Gold Mined Productios. He aspires to one day be an editorial photographer for fashion magazines and I want to be a fashion journalist – so it was the perfect collaborating team. I fell in love with him and his creative ideas he had about this shoot. As we brainstormed in Starbucks and talked about visions and locations here is what we designed.


“The Little Black Dress”

The one color I have way to much of is black. I have never really owned anything of a green shade and I’m completely obsessed with greens, purples,browns and grays this fall. It’s always acceptable to wear black during the fall but the key is to add a splash of color to at-least each look.  Being a fall color of course.


Not only a pop of color can really make an outfit but also the right accessory. Chokers are coming back and I swear the 90’s are making there debut. This outfit is exceptionally grungy yet with the shiny choker adds a sophisticated, mysterious style.


Makeup Hint: I’m really into dark colored lipsticks or making an ombré lip is the perfect fall addition to your outfit. My makeup was professionally done by Hollywood Glam artist Crystal Marie

L1.7 L1.5

This is one of my favorite day time outfits that can even be worn at night. Having a collection of grey, army green and black is the complete look for chilly October nights or sunny fall days. Lately, all I’ve seen girls wear are these brown wedge, peep toe heels. There great because you can wear them with either dresses or casually with jeans.


Both outfits we’re pieced together from head to toe at Forever 21. 

“Pumpkin Plaid: Chic Hipster” 


For all you hipsters out there who like high-waisted pants and blouses with the collars, you’ll love this daytime outfit. Clean and chic, you can wear this to work or even a daytime cafe.


In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. –Coco Chanel 


The pumpkin, brown shade in the pants add a festive fall look. I wouldn’t recommend you wearing the Steve Madden platform shoes to work but they definitely add a 90’s feel to this outfit. Even though I’ve almost broken my neck a few times walking in platforms they are on the top of my list for “fashion must- haves”.


“I was inspired by so many things piecing together this collection. I wanted to include an edgy, dark, fall look mixed with a clean sophisticated image”. – Cecilia Medina 


Stay tuned to my next post which includes two more looks I shot with the aspiring, John Tran.

If you would like to contact Johnathon Tran for photography bookings you can email him at: jtran.goldmined@gmail.com

If you would like to book a nail or makeup  appointment with Crystal Marie you can follow her on Instagram 

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