Just Do It- Fitness Tips By Miche

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Everyday we get caught up in the hustle and bustle from errands to work or school. One thing I always try to make time for in my day is exercising. Taking a few minutes to even an hour of your time to focus on your mind and body is a necessity. The keys to exercising is not about how much you can lift or how fast you can run but accomplishing your goal. Your mind is your biggest enemy. All the reasons why you hold yourself back is because of the negative thoughts that run in your mind. It’s more work on your inner self than physical skills. Just by surrounding yourself with positive people who push you to accomplish your goals is the first start. Start with setting your mind to the idea of believing and achieving your goals. As you learned about Miche in my last post, even the most fit women have their daily struggles. But as you wake up every morning love your body and your mind. She says to “Smile at yourself in the mirror- whatever your worried about that day tell yourself you’ll achieve it”.

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“Why would you want to look, act, be, live, like someone else. When you were born to be you” -Miche 

As I interviewed Miche not only did we talk about personal life dreams but she definitely gave me some insight on some fitness tips and techniques. Of course you don’t get a body like Miche’s without eating right and putting hard dedication to the gym. However, for the days when your home or if you can’t go to the gym here are some daily home workouts to still tone and feel good about your body. My number one rule to working out: gotta have workout gear. From head to toe you can catch Miche wearing Nike, Adidas or Calvin Klein when she works out.

  • Fitness Tip #1

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Start off with stretching. Even if you workout everyday stretch your muscles for more flexible support and to prevent ripping or straining of the muscle.  Arms, legs, hips and glutes- stretch it all. Another great technique to working out and testing the limits of your body is yoga! You may not think you really are working out but little do you know your increasing your muscle strength with your own body weight. Not only are you working out without sweating, it can be very relaxing after a stressful day at work or school.

  • Fitness Tip # 2

IMG_1576        A good leg workout for the inner thigh, legs and glutes is shown up above. The key to this is to create resistance as you stretch your leg to a 90 degree angle. Raise your leg up and down slowly and after a few times you will feel your legs tense up. Doing 3 sets of 15 is average unless you’d want to do more like 3 sets of 25 to really feel it.

  •  Fitness Tip #3

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I’m obsessed with leg workouts. I’m one whose upper body strength is nothing compared to my legs. This leg and glute workout is one of my favorites. If you have stairs this workout is perfect if not you can use a chair, bench or step stool. Raise your arms high and suck in your core. Create a balance by the one foot in front of you and squat down till your back knee almost touches the ground. Doing 3 sets of 15 is always recommend or for a beginner 3 sets of 10. Not only does this tone your legs and butt this also helps for balance and breathing techniques.

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  • Fitness Tip# 4 Push Ups

Push ups strengthen the upper body because your lifting your own body weight. You don’t need 10 pound weights or bell drums. Just by using your body weight alone can strengthen you. Not only does it workout your arms, triceps and biceps but helps your chest. For women, many of us want our collarbones to stick out nicely, this is the key to that look.  Start by doing 5 to 10 push ups 3 times and increase your reps from their.

  • Fitness Tip #5  Abs IMG_1575

Whenever it comes to working out everyone hates Abs, their painful and uncomfortable but every girl wants a flat, toned tummy. Here’s one easy trick to Abs that will be easy to do but will have you hurting the next day. Do 3 sets of 30 by moving all the way right and then repeat the action on the left side. Tighten your core as hard as possible because that’s what we’re focusing on . I always work my Abs with 10 pound weights and Miche said: “It’s never good to use weights when working out your Abs because that’s turning your fat into muscle, when you want to loose the fat”. Fun fact, I didn’t know that. Of course cardio is also a good fat- burning technique. For more information on working out or fitness techniques by Miche you can follow her on Instagram or email her at Bookmiche@gmail.com

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