The One and Only British Man I Fancy

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Who else is obsessed with British gentlemen from the U.K? Luckily enough I have a friend from Hackney, London: Thomas McQuiod. As an aspiring model to be; Thomas is highly motivated, well educated, and down right driven to follow his dream in this industry. Collaborating with Thomas allowed me to go behind the scenes artistically and dabble in my photography skills. He expresses himself through his European culture and customs which plays an important role in the clothes he wore during this shoot. After attending military school in North Yorkshire he was the average kid playing rugby, running track, and terrorizing his village. Moving from London to Tampa four years ago, Thomas brought a bucket list of dreams to conquer in this new chapter of his life.

About the Model 

Height: 6’ft 

Weight: 155 lbs

Waist: 30″

Thomas is looking dashing wearing a fitted blazer from H&M and shoes  designed by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Wearing a cardigan during a hot summer day can be nearly impossible. So here’s a fashion hint: Throw the cardigan across the next neck to perfect a sleek and sophisticated business style during the summer heat.



One thing I was absolutely obsessed with about Thomas was his chiseled serious features and crystal blue eyes. 

Designer Watch by Micheal Kors

“I have a cheeky sense of style”- Thomas McQuiod

Follow Thomas McQuiod on Instagram or email for any booking information at   

All pictures were edited by: Amber Lopez

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